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Web Site Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy respects your privacy. This web site does not use cookies and does not track individual visitors or keep a record of individual visitors for any purpose. A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy does not give to any other organization, person or agency the email addresses or names of visitors to this site. All inquiries to us are regarded as private and are not shared with anyone ever. The exception is when the inquiry indicates real or potential danger to animals or human beings; such information will be reported to the proper authorities, where possible, under a legal "duty to warn."

Client Confidentiality Policy

At A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy your privacy and the confidentiality of your records is of utmost priority. When you are a client of A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy, the information you give about yourself and the information in your file is confidential. Your written, signed consent is required if this information is released to third party. The conditions that justify the release of information and by law must be reported to the appropriate agencies are the following:

  1. Knowledge of child abuse or neglect.
  2. Knowledge of senior citizen abuse or neglect.
  3. A client poses a serious risk of suicide and is an imminent danger to self.
  4. A client poses a threat of imminent danger to another person.
  5. A Judge, by issuance of a court order, may obtain information.
  6. Report to law enforcement authority knowledge of a felony that has been, or is being committed.

In other situations, signed authorization for release of information is required.

When a client gives written, signed permission to A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy to release client information to a third party, A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy is not responsible for the confidentiality of that information once it is in the hands of a third party.

A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy is not bound by confidentiality when the client is the subject of a criminal investigation where the client’ mental status is an issue before the court or where disclosure of records is court-ordered.

A Tranquil Mind Clinical Hypnotherapy will render services to minors only with written parental consent. Therefore, the parent has the right to request review of the treatment record.

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